Precarious - Bella Jewel
I liked the spin on the MC premise. We get to see what it's like when a club member gets thrown in a cell, and then there's something conspiring within the prison that raises suspicions about the people who work there. It makes you question what makes a person good and bad, and who you really can trust. Whose got your back, and who will turn on you. In most MC books I've read, we only get glimpses of what goes on while one is locked up but not much more than that. Here, we get a lot more. That's what I liked about Precarious and what sets it apart from the other MC's.

The heroine as a prison guard? Tough as shit and can throw a brick wall of any man who crosses her on his ass. That's my kind of heroine. And the hero who is the prisoner? Yeah, this calls for some interesting and surprising trouble. We also see the clubhouse life, MC business, rescue missions, sex, more sex and whatnot. And there's a sexy ménage near the end, so if you're into that too, you'll be in for quite a treat. If you're usually not (like me), you'll still enjoy it. Nothing too kinky or too much, but still enough to be intrigued by it. There's an ending that sets things in motion for the next book with the club Prez and his little "pain in the ass."