Jase - M.J. Fields

I liked the premise of the story, as well as the book in it's entirety. However, the pace is a slow build in the first half of the book -- I had to keep in mind that this book is split into two parts. The first part focused on the foundation of Carly and Jase individually, while the the second part is the meat of the story. That is when the story really got rolling. This gives us a chance for character and plot development that will be essential to the rest of the story. And there were some twists that I did not see coming, which added more substance to keep you on pins and needles until the very end.

Carly visits her dad and cousins for the summer, and tags along with her cousin Abe to hang out at the beach which is where she meets Jase. Since then, it changed her summer expectations. Carly may be innocent, but she's not naive. She is well aware that Jase is a man-whore from the start, so she keeps her distance from him and fights the attraction until attraction wins the fight. She can't help but be pulled to him. The problem? Jase has a girlfriend. Another problem? Carly is only in town for the summer, then she has to go back home to her mom.

Jase is one of the Steel boys who works at the family tattoo shop, Forever Steel. He is a tattooed bad boy who is not afraid to show it. He can be a jerk, but also has a charming side. He's the type of guy who gets what he wants and goes after it without backing down. Jase and determination are attached at the hip when it comes to the things he wants. I mean, a guy with fierce determination, you just can't help but find that sexy and end up swooning up a storm. Okay, there were times where I mentally punched the guy several times, but nobody is perfect. It's not until all the cards are on the table do we understand the seemingly unforgivable behavior, especially towards Carly. He does have his redeeming qualities, because he is a good guy deep down under his bad boy exterior.

Things look up when Jase's already rocky relationship with his girlfriend comes to an end, which gives Jase and Carly a chance to be together. The more Carly sneaks out to spend time with Jase, the more they fall for each other. Jase and Carly are magnetic. That's a way to describe their chemistry. Attraction turns into something more. However, they race against time that is running out. And time isn't the only thing standing in their way. There's a lot of tension, obstacles and secrets that are better left in the dark, which only leads them to separate on more than one occasion.

Long distance becomes another factor. They realize that luck and fate are not on their side. Jase and Carly goes through trials and tribulations of obstacles together. It leaves you (and them) questioning if and how they will work through this. I may have made it seem like their relationship is toxic, but I assure you that it is not. I'm trying to address the odds that are stacked against them. Trust me, and other readers, on this when I say that they are electrifying and scorching hot together. They both are complicated with a past to match, but throughout the story we see them grow individually and as a couple. They truly do love each other, and their fight be together (and a follow up novella) only proves what they have is real through and through.

Jase's family, especially his brothers, are hilarious. They have you falling off your seat in a fit of laughter with their wit, comebacks, gimmicks, one-liners and banter. It's hard not to like them. They also make you want to hit them upside the head at times, but that comes with the territory. And they welcome Carly like family, and the dynamic between them and Carly is fun to follow. They are a really great asset to the story as well as their lives. I can't wait to get to know the rest of the Steel boys in their own books! Even with all the angst, cobweb of lies, romance, unique characters, ridiculous antics, humor, intrigue, secrets and heartache... Jase was a great and enticing read to indulge in.

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