Tragic Desires - A.M. Hargrove
The thing I love about romantic suspense and thrillers is that it keeps your adrenaline pumping, mind racing, questioning your own judgement, on the tips of your toes you fear of falling over the edge all the while entertaining some sweet romance along the way, and Tragic Desires is no different. It is packed with suspense, action, anticipation, intrigue, fear, courage, hot sexual tension, a dangerously sexy alpha male hero and an unstoppable romance. Hargrove weaved a myriad of elements to knock you on your ass and toppling over the edge in all the right ways. ;-)

I'll try to keep this review spoiler free, because the suspense and mystery of it all is part of the fun. The chemistry, build up and anticipation is slow-burning and hard-hitting. Boy does it deliver it all on a silver platter. When all hell breaks loose, it's as explosive as the tension in this story. It's fun and a bit scary to see it all unfold once the chips are down and out.

Drexel is one to be reckoned with. He is so fiercely passionate in all things -- his job, sex, love and all things Gemini, and I can see why it's impossible to resist his advances. Granted, there were times where he was infuriating and even pushed my buttons (hey, nobody's perfect), but as long as he pushes the right ones, it's all good. He's plenty redeemable in the end, though, so no worries on labeling him negative terms of endearment.

And Gemini is a somewhat likable character. Okay, minus her unhealthy vices she peruses to cope. She has dealt with a lot of pain and grief and still suffers from it, but that made her more authentic even if she was frustrating at times. But underneath all that pain lies a strong (yet stubborn), perceptive and realistic woman, and I can see why Drex becomes drawn to her. And she's smart to be suspicious of Drex's interest in her in the beginning, because who can you really trust out there in the world? In the end, Drex proves that she had nothing to worry about after all.

The chemistry between Gemini and Drexel is so thick with tension and passion, and electrifying that formed a strong bond in their connection whether they wanted it or not. It may not have started out so well between them at first (it almost never is), and that just adds fuel to the tension. But sooner than later, all pretenses are blown to pieces. They are susceptible to each others inexpiable magnetic pull, and when they give in to their desires, there is no stopping them. Their passion is raw, deep, but most of all, true. What I found so refreshing is that they were mature; no immature communications, denial, childish reactions or antics. Once everything was laid out on the table and cleared the air, it's game on. Seriously, Drex is book boyfriend material, ladies. He can get you hot and wet, and he will protect you with his life. And he's not bad to look at either. What more can a girl ask for?

The suspense, action, intrigue, anticipation and sizzling hot romance made for an enthralling read that keeps readers on their toes through it all. The fun part is the journey to see if they make it out alive, and together. It was definitely a wild and sexy and enticing ride.

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