The Edge of Always  - J.A. Redmerski
I really liked Cam and Andrew's story in The Edge of Never. If you read my review for the first book, you can tell that I have a passion for road trips that had resonated in me. The ending in the first book got me so excited to see where they go from there. The possibilities are endless, especially what they went through.



It starts off right where they left off in the first book, and things are going well until a loss sends Cam withdrawing from life and Andrew. Heartbreak strikes the couple a few chapters in and it puts a strain to their relationship. Cam is coping. Or at least she likes to think of it that way -- the only way she knows best. Emotionally and mentally withdrawing herself from those she cares about most, because she has lost so many people in her life in the past, and finds solace in avoid feeling that hurt again. Those defense mechanisms are futile, because if she loses Andrew too, she knows that will ultimately break her. You really feel for them in how this thing that affected not only their relationship, but their lives as well. I felt like I would ugly sob again, just as I had near the end of the first book. And I was thinking, "oh, not again, Redmerski, don't do this to me. What did Andrew and Cam ever do to you? Just leave them be." They've endured so much in the past five months together, and beforehand also. To have another thing throwing them through a downward spiral adds more weight on their tender hearts. It's hard not to empathize with them, whether you're a woman, man, mother, or not.



Andrew is hurting too, for the loss, and for fear of losing Camryn too. Cam isn't opening up to him, and he can tell that she's not herself no matter how many times she says she's fine. He knows that things are anything but fine. She's losing bits of herself while mourning for the loss, and it's gotten him scared and driving him insane. Andrew wants her to see that she will never lose him, and fusses up a bit to find a way to convince her. So, Andrew takes it back to where it all started -- on the open road. He takes the time to plan a road trip in hopes of getting his Cam back. A road of healing that connects them again as it once had the day they met and fell in love.



The road trip is even better than their first. I thought that Walmart scene in the first book was hilarious, and it was, but the scene with the cows and Cam almost taking off without Andrew in his car took the cake and ate it. It was fun to see them fall back into themselves and into each other again. The Edge of Always was a wonderful conclusion to their story. They truly do belong together. They fit like puzzle pieces, just as their tattoos complete each others.