Exquisite Betrayal - A.M. Hargrove
I am so happy I came across this book for many reasons. Once I heard that it was about an author and a blogger romance in sin city, I had to read it. I've wanted to marry an author, and me being a blogger, thought Exquisite Betrayal is my cup of tea. An author falls in love with a blogger -- a dream come true for me, right? I was thinking that this must have been written about me, and I told A.M. Hargrove just as much. It also doesn't help that the author in question of this story has green eyes, which, if you know me well, are my undoing from the get go. Once I learn that the love interest has green eyes, I know I'm in for some trouble. However, that's not all he has to have. Those green eyes has got to come equip with a level of sarcasm to match mine. Although Vegas isn't my most favorite place in the states, doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I actually love Vegas, especially when festivals and conventions are going on. Having the setting in Vegas made this story all the more fun. I'm glad that readers get to pick at both the authors and bloggers minds, as it is told in both Fallon and Rylands POVs.



Fallon makes a rather embarrassing entrance when she encounters Ryland (aka R.T. Sinclair) less than gracefully upon arrival outside of the airport. Nothing says hello like a nip slip during a fall in Vegas. That just means Fallon is doing it right in sin city, no matter how back her luck streak is going. Recovering from the fall, she comes face to face with Mr. sexy green eyes. While Fallon is embarrassed, Ryland is turned on. He can't stop looking at her or checking her out more than once. After awkward silence ensues, they part ways, but not for long. Fallon and her fellow blogger friends are in town for a book convention, and Ryland is there because he is an author. However, he's under a pseudo identity so he can have a private life in peace. He is hiding behind his sister, who helps him out by posing as the author of his book at the convention. The author and blogger are bound to run into each other again at some point. Since no one knows his true identity, Fallon was unaware that the gorgeous stranger she bumped into at the airport was the one and only R.T. Sinclair. Oh, and did I mention that he's British? Hot damn.


Fallon jumbles up everything in Ryland's head as much as she jumbles up everything else with her clumsiness, which has been proven plenty right from the start. She has the writer at a loss for words. I loved that. What a game changer. The chemistry between Fallon and Ryland is heavily charged with sexual tension and an underlying layer of something deeper. Fallon being a book lover and blogger, she has an understanding with the author himself, even if she doesn't know it. Yet. There was a lot of pushing and pulling on Ryland's part due to his fear of his identity to be revealed, and that only leaves Fallon reeling with raging confusion and tension. Add regular on top of the sexual kind, why don't you, Ryland? Ryland's identity, and him not wanting the secret out, drives a wedge between the two more times than I can count. Just step up and be a man and follow what your heart -- and other extremities -- desires already, Ryland! I don't know how many times I mentally yelled that at him. Good thing we have his sister to be the voice of reason. I mean, I can understand where he's coming from, but if your feelings are growing stronger and deeper, it's just not fair to have them in the dark until someone or something else spills the beans. It's better to let them know from you, so there's some trust and honesty. Can't have a relationship, or something leading to one, be built on secrets and lies. As for the betrayal? Well, you're going to have to read it to find the gitty details once the cards are on the table. So pull up a chair -- you're in for a treat. Although, the hint as to what it is can be easy to guess upon reading the synopsis. 


Can we say hello to our new book boyfriend, Ryland? When Ryland proclaims his love... gosh -- lines like that seem to be better coming from an author. It's like fantasy became reality hot off the pages. He knows how to throw your mind through a loop, and definitely knows how to make you swoon. In the end, his hearts in the right place. Of course, as book lover, we tend to make assumptions and associate things that pertains to books. And the book lover and blogger herself [Fallon] does just that on fair occasions. There's no love like the love from a writer, and a reader to eat it up. You know they say, "fall in love with a writer" or "date a girl who reads" ...well, I think there's a reason for that. This book has that special kind of love in there that only those who thrives in words that comes alive from the pages and jump into their heart can understand. I can't say anything to justify it for Fallon and Ryland, but it touches my book loving heart.


Ryland's sister -- OMG she is a hoot! Her character just oozes bold and fiery of a little woman. I love that she stands her ground, and puts her brother in his place. She's an all around good person in general, and a good sister. The dynamic between them is just too much for an American like me. Kind of. British blokes and their humor, I swear, they put Americans to shame. I enjoyed the banter between them -- it had me mentally high-fiving her as well as in a laughing fit. It was highly comical to say the least.


The narration seemed a bit plain at the beginning, I found myself skimming through and putting it down often until it got to the good parts. I felt that there was something missing for the story arc. I was tempted to give it a 3 or 3.5. Nevertheless, the rich banter and thick sexual tension made up for it tenfold. Although it had it's flat parts in the book, the core of the story in it's entirety was still interesting to follow. That's how it maintained a 4 out of 5 from me. I guess , a green-eyed British guy, Las Vegas, a straight-laced British sister, humor, sexual innuendos/tension and an author/blogger romance had something to do with that as well.



I love the crass and hilarious banter and sexual innuendos that are unabashedly expressed in this story. I know that bloggers are hilarious as they are painfully honest, but the secondary characters were highly entertaining with their humor. I was left in countless laughing fits. Fall in lust and love with the story of an author and a blogger who just that in the heart of sin city. This was definitely an exquisite read.