Feather Light - Lorenz Font
This was a little out of my genre of what I usually read, but I enjoyed reading Parker and Kelly's story. I found some aspect are relatable, which gave it a more realistic quality. Some people have been through that mentality of not trusting people due to being wronged in the past. I'd like to see it as a way to learn and grow from that. However, it takes a lot to hone in faith and patience to get back to a durable trust foundation. It takes a lot of practice to get there too. Unfortunately, our leading lady went through some rough times such as finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and having a miscarriage late into the pregnancy. That's an immense amount of pain to endure. In a world of hurt, she just wants to find someone she can trust, and who will love her for her and not her looks or career. Kelly thinks she can find that in Parker.

The twist in this story is that the love interest, Parker, is legally blind which presents challenges for him. Guys (as well as girls) immediately pays attention to looks first and sometimes the only thing they care about. Unfortunately, Kelly takes full advantage of his disadvantage which can lead to the very thing she values: trust. They say honesty is the best policy for a reason. Parker suffers from a disease that robbed him of his eyesight. Having lack of one of his senses only heightened other senses such as touch for example. That comes in handy for the masseuse / closeted Dom who enjoys a good role playing, which comes into play that heats things up between Kelly and Parker. Although having lack of sight, it does not keep Parker from setting his sights on Kelly. Another realistic and enjoyable thing about the character development is that their feelings were not instant love-at-first-sight (or touch), it gradually grew to that point as the more they spend time together and get to know each other better. Once their feelings for each other gets deeper and is in full bloom, the connection between Kelly and Parker is palpable -- kind of like Parker's magical hands. They don't call him 'Feather Light' for nothing if not for his feather light, orgasmic touch. Light as a feather, stiff as a board (if you know what I mean ;).

Their steamy, passionate, and intimate scenes really heats up the pages. Being a closeted Dom, Parker alleviates control by taking business in massage. Well, when it comes to Kelly, self-control is out the window when they have passionate encounters. I'm not too much into the whole dom/sub situation for it can get out of control which is a turn off for me, but Parker is demanding in the bedroom which only he can peak arousal on a drop of a hat. He does not overdo it or disappoint. Kelly can attest to that, I'm sure.

Of course, once you throw in lies and secrets, stuff is going to hit the fan and nothing good comes from it (unless later resolved). Lies and secrets are two things that can break trust, and Kelly, in a way, became a hypocrite by doing just that. There are going to be repercussions. What I mean by that is that it's clear that she has trust issues. And she took advantage of Parker's lack of sight in hopes of finding a man who can love her if he did not know who she really is or what she does. In the end, it blew up in her face. Although I do not condone one particular scene as it turned dangerous, I'm not surprised at Parker's reaction (he is a dom after all) when he found out about the truth about Kelly, because look what she did. She brought it upon herself by taking advantage of him by lying to him. Then again I can't say I blame her after what she went through which brought on her trust issues. Imagine how Parker felt when he found out the truth after all the people in his life, too, took advantage of his disability. It hits like a ton of bricks to have it done repeatedly. All angst aside, they feel too deeply for each other to not work things through.

I'm aware that I talk a lot about the trust or lack thereof in this story, because it's one of the most important aspects of Parker and Kelly's story, and it's something we all can learn from time and time again. As much as I'd like to see them continue their story, I felt the ending tied up fittingly. Font was thoughtful when writing the character development, pace, and plot with a nice touch of an ending (pun intended). There is a HEA, and no cliffhangers which I find is a relief. The story felt complete, and left no questions or confusion. What I like to see in a story is that it should have you perceive things in a new light, and Font did a good job in that area with this story.

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