Crash - Nicole  Williams
Lucy and Jude are bold upon first meeting each other. Lucy does things to get his attention, and Jude straddles her while she's suntanning lakeside. I like that they can be neck and neck with each other and challenge, never backing down from the start. It's like they've met their match. They're both just looking for a summer fling before senior year starts, but little do they know is that they will fall much deeper than that. Jude may seem like another bad boy stereotype, and he is for the most part, but at school he's either feared or lusted. He's demanding as he is sexy. He's been thrown in a jail cell more times than you can count on two hands. Not something you want to mess with unless you want to get burned.

Poor Lucy in the sky, as her dad calls her. Having to move to the family summer cabin by the lake permanently, no choice but to get pulled out of her private school due to limited funds, and transferring to a new public school, rumors about her have already been flying around before she walked through the school's metal detector upon the first day. It was predictable that Jude is also a student at said public school, but what wasn't was that Jude stepping in to defend Lucy's honor.

Lucy is hardly an irate of a character as others make her seem to be, however, when she jumped to conclusions that Jude was cheating on her no questions asked, it made me want to pull her ballerina bun out. Even more so when she agreed to go out with Sawyer right after. I understand that people hate to be disrespected by being played with and cheated on, but it's wise to gets the facts straight before you throw away something special just because your assumptions got the best of you.

Jude really grew up throughout the story thanks to our leading lady. He surprised me as much as he broke mine and Lucy's hearts. Everyone makes mistakes and deals with things their own way, but Jude wants to put his delinquent days behind him and move forward with his life with Lucy. I think it's important to have someone there for you to open your eyes and see the world differently, and make you desire to change your ways for the better. Someone who challenges you, calls you out on your bull, flip your perspective on the world, and someone who breaks down your walls and sees through your facade, understands it and accepts all of you for who you are. Jude went from the broken, womanizing, rebelling resident bad boy who doesn't do dates, relationships, and gifts to a committed boyfriend with a promising future at Syracuse.

I can't say I didn't see their pasts are interwoven before they realized it because I had a feeling it would be. As my intuition was correct, how involved their pasts were and how it all went to hell came as a surprise. Needless to say I shed a tear or two.

As much as a shut-in her dad may seem, he's got a lot of insight and words of wisdom to share. Lucy's mom, however, took a while to warm up to and still is in this book. I'm guessing it'll be that way for the rest of the series.

I'm afraid to continue the series because I think how this book ended was perfect. I assure a HFN as far as Crash goes. But without a doubt, I know they'll get through the rest of the series together. At least, I hope they do. Love that's meant to be, can conquer all.