Opposition - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Story Diary for Opposition here!

Origin left us with quite a cliffhanger in which we are still dealing with the repercussions that happened in that book.

Shit, meet fan. They meet a couple times in this one. Long story short, I was almost convinced that it was possible for me to hate Daemon (my #2 book boyfriend) at one point, but he wasn’t exactly to blame for what made me ache for both Daemon and Katy. But then when we’re in Daemon’s POV, we see that there’s more than what we see. Daemon really put A LOT on the line and sacrificed a lot too in Origin that continues into Opposition. It showed how soul-deep his feelings for Katy is. He'd do anything, risk anything just to keep his Kitten safe. So if you think you hated the Arum, the DOD or Daedalus before, think again and prepare to exceed that limit. The things that they face in here was a lot bigger than what we’ve ever known. The alien invasion, the Origins conspiring, an alliance with a familiar (if you've read Obsession) Arum, sketchy characters and plans... you're left questioning every motive and who's on whose side. And then there's that thing with Dee. And what about Katy? What is she, if not your typical hybrid? So many things that we didn't understand before, comes into light here. But back to a particular Daemon bit… That part stung. Honestly, I felt like I should’ve picked a less painful otp. But never fear bc Daemon is stronger than that, and so is Katy and the rest of the gang. We know the truth behind it in his POV that Katy couldn't see.
Luc. What to say about him. I didn’t like him at first. He was a punk ass kid. It was that way for a long time, I never thought that would ever change. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I like him at the end, but he’s the type that you hate to hate less. I was glad to see Hunter from Jennifer's companion novel Obsession. He has an important and probably surprising role in all of this.

It’s been a long journey of a lot of battles, hardships, conspiring, obstacles, losses, fighting, hurting, but also strength-building, life lessons, forgiveness, family, gains, love and a whole lot of sarcasm and inappropriate innuendos from none other than Daemon himself.

I flew through this faster than I would have liked, but I honestly could not put it down. After such trying times for the gang, it’s finally over and ended wonderfully. Suffice to say that I read to the last line with a big ass grin on my face.

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