Never Never - Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher
I didn't know what to expect to find in this because the description didn't provide much (which is how I like it), but I thought it'd be dark judging by the cover and the authors. Jokes on me, I guess. Safe to say I spent a good portion of the book confused. I had a few theories running through my head, just like any other stories with this kind of premise Charlie and Silas find themselves in. It felt like having an out of body experience as they try to figure out what happened to them and to see if things go back to the way they were. Or at least to normalcy, whatever that was.

As the characters try to figure things out and learn about themselves through other people, there are mysteries to unravel and solve. There's clues that may be the key to the answers they're looking for. It's enough to throw things in your face right after another and keep you on your toes.

Silas was part adorable, part funny, part lost (understandably, given their situation), part swoon and determined to get Charlie to fall in love with him again. Kind of felt like a second chance at love thing, it was sweet. Then there's the sexual innuendos and a certain video/audio on one's phone *ahem* I found pretty awkward but funny. It's to be expected of teenagers.

The mystery, the friends to lovers to strangers and back again premise, going through the motions while confused about themselves and the life they live, searching for answers, Mardi Gras in New Orleans (this is me being biased), winning the girl back, made for a bit of an adventure that kept me engaged, guessing, laughing and swooning a bit. A lot of aspects that I like all wrapped into a neat little package. I literally flew right through it. Turns out, this is only 140 or so pages, but packed a lot in it. For it being so small, I was surprised that there was character development and growth so it didn't feel like it was missing something. Other than answers as to what happened to them, of course.

Colleen and Tarryn each brought something different to this story that was woven brilliantly and if you know me, I ate it up. Even though I thought these two writing together would be genius, I was also a bit skeptical about them co-writing together as I always am when there's multiple writers, but need not to worry because this one was well-written, developed and thought out. I just enjoyed. My kind of book, so kudos to Colleen and Tarryn. I want more sometime in the near future, if that's not too much to ask. :)