Unrequited (The Callahans Book 1) - Melody Grace
Unrequited is a novella in Melody Grace's new series (sort of) about a girl who is licking her wounds after suffering unrequited love, and a reclusive rock star that is getting back in the spotlight after suffering pain of his own. A good girl who recently got her heart crushed, and a leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding former rock star may seem different on the outside, but they share common ground from deep within. They are both hurting from something, and hope for healing. What they didn't expect was for their lives to cross, or the connection they feel between each other.

Right off the bat, I liked Alicia and I can relate and empathize with her. Unrequited kicked off with an intense make-out scene between Alicia and some hot stranger, and her thoughts about it. I found it a bit comical because she's a goodie-goodie type of girl who doesn't usually partake in this kind of behavior, so it's blush-worthy on her part to be in such a hot and heavy encounter with a stranger. It somehow heightens their connection though. Oh, they did talk some before they found themselves lip-locking outside the bar. She doesn't recognize him at first. It is none other than thee Dex Callahan. A former rock star that dropped off from the face of the earth, and an unexpected make-out/near dry humping encounter on top of that can do that to you. Although Alicia tries to fight whatever is brewing up between them by running for the hills -- or into the bar where said stranger she made out with only minutes ago is performing at -- they find themselves in a bind that calls for an impulsive escape on his motorcycle. Another thing outside of her comfort zone. It is then, after they found a place to hide at, that they get to know more about each other and the heat turns up again.

Readers are treated with a few steamy moments between the two that is a nice little tease for what's to come for Dex and Alicia. It's short yet promising. Our boy Dex is hiding something in his past, and there's more to Alicia's unrequited love with somebody, as well as the other people in her life. Both of which will be explored and revealed throughout the new series. Even though their time together may be short while he's in town, Dex is willing to explore and get to know Alicia more. Alicia on the other hand is half for it -- because how can you resist Dex? -- and half wanting to run far away. She's already hurting, so she doesn't want to risk getting hurt again. What's refreshing and surprised me was that for a (former) rock star, Dex isn't an arrogant, cocky jerk. He has his pain and vulnerability, and the gentleman manner that adds depth to the person he is. He's also an overwhelming alpha either, but he does demand attention by how he carries himself. Usually, insta-love type ticks me off if not done well, and although this isn't exactly insta-love, the connection between them is heady from the get-go. Dex rolls with it and wants to explore it, while Alicia tries to deny it. Signals get mixed due to Alicia and where her feelings currently stands, especially now that Dex is thrown in her path, and the way they misread each other a time or two. But leave it to Dex to risk it just to have Alicia in his arms. The question is, how much is he willing to risk, lose, and fight to keep her?

I enjoyed and took a liking to both Alicia and Dex both individually as well as together. Unrequited is a quick and nice read with undertones of emotion that keeps engaged and yearning for more. And the humor and banter will have you smiling so big, laughing out loud, or blushing. The sexual tension is ever-present and promising for these two. I can't wait to see where they go and end up when their story continues in the next full-length installment, Uninhibited. If you loved the Beachwood Bay series, you will enjoy this series as well.

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