Girls Are Players (G.A.P.) (Volume 2) - Ingrid Seymour
My thoughts about Jessica's character was in seesaw. I loved that it's the heroine who plays dirty and embodies a role as sort of the villain because it's different which made it exciting, but I hated that it makes her like a typical guy who does the same thing regularly. So I understand why she's the one people love to hate. But I like that her heart is still with the one who got away, as does the guys in her position. She's a tough one, but she does have an amount of vulnerability underneath that bitter facade. The thing about the one who got away returning to your life after some time is that it is not always a dream come true. It can get down right messy sometimes. It usually takes an impending wrong turn or tragedy to realize that you have to change your ways. Turning her life around seems appealing enough to take the opportunity by the reigns to do so and hope with all your heart to make it stick. Try as she might, old habits die hard for Jessica. Girls can be players too, if they play their cards right.



Jessica is a determined little one. She tried to get over Taylor, but to no avail. All attempts were proven futile. But it's no easy feat getting over your first love, especially without closure at the very least. Going to great lengths to find out why the one who caused her bitter attitude and wayward ways had left her some time ago without so much as a word. She wants answers. However, Taylor is not having it. He can play dirty too, which only leads to more confusion and hurt in their wake. It's not easy to explain the reason for leaving the one you love behind due to receiving a life-altering phone call, and have them understand when details cannot be shared for reasons.



Jessica and Taylor's chemistry is both explosively hot and cold as ice. It can go either way on a drop of a hat. You can tell that feel strongly for each other, but both are going through trials and tribulations, so it becomes a game of hot and cold between them. A lot of pushing and pulling. The inner turmoil they had gone through and continue going through will tug at your heartstrings for them. The stories of Jessica and Taylor individually, as well as together, are emotionally driven. I didn't expect to be so engaged in their lives and so in tuned with their feelings and struggles in life, with themselves, and with each other. It's not all emotions and troubling ways, this story had plenty of humor and underlying lessons. I laughed my arse off at times, shed a tear, and cheered them on. I also mentally slapped the characters a few times when their logic rivaled situations, or their true feelings for that matter. What happens when the chips are down and all bets are off?



Taylor was a puzzle. An enigma that was a bit frustrating to solve. He's the type who is nice at first, then angry badass, to a cryptic hot mess personified. You never know which side of him you're going to run into and when. Many encounters included seeing all of these sides. Seeing that many sides to the guy can make anyone question where his mind and heart truly lays, the guy he really is. It is wise to proceed with trepidation. In the end, I knew that underneath it all, he is a great guy with real feelings from deep within. There are just things he lets get in his way of letting it come to surface.



I know I talked a lot about the iffy romance part of the story, but this was truly a redemption story, not only for Jessica but for Taylor too. Ingrid Seymour's writing conveyed vivid details to every aspect and message she poured into this book. The angst threw me for a loop. I loved the unpredictability of this story that left me reeling. She knows how to plot twist that was carefully executed in the well-written storyline. I jumped into this book thinking that the usual jealousy and miscommunications would be thrown into the mix, but to my surprise there wasn't any. Their story was uniquely their own. Readers can expect a slew of unexpected emotions and underlying lessons of acceptance, growth, redemption and true love.