Be With Me - J. Lynn
After reading Cam and Avery's story in Wait For You, I was eager to dig into Be With Me. I was instantly hooked. J. Lynn knows how to write a compelling story in all genres while touching base on real life situations that people face, so I had no doubt that she would deliver in this one. And I was not disappointed! We've met Cam's best friend Jase in Wait For You and briefly of his [Cam's] sister Teresa. When I heard about them, I was a little taken back that they had something more than a platonic relationship, but that just made it even juicier.



Most books regarding one's best friend pursuing a relationship with the sibling was deemed forbidden, off limits, taboo. It becomes the main reason that the two can't be together. However, it wasn't like that with Jase and Teresa. Not much anyway. It was more of Jase's secret and past indiscretions, and Teresa's future plans that got in their way. Jase is harboring a shocking secret that he fears would drive Teresa away for good, a secret that knocked me (as well as Teresa) on my ass. I suspected a few things, but not that. I suspected something else, and boy was I wrong. Tess, Jase's nickname for Teresa, took that news understandingly appropriate all things considered. Maybe a little more better than others probably would have. They pushed and pulled a lot for all of those reasons which provided plenty of sexual tension that got me nearly screaming "just get it on already!" to my kindle. In a relationship with the one you love, you can see past their mistakes and insecurities to make it work, and even though they weren't in a relationship yet, it still applied to them because they love each other.



When it came to the other elephant in the room, Cam, learning of their relationship he was understandably ticked off solely because they didn't tell him. And he was also surprised. It's not everyday your best friend and sister like/lust/love each other. Yes, it happens, but it's not something you'd expect happen to yours. But the shock and steam didn't last too long and he gave them his blessing, while being the best big, protective brother ever. The bruise Jase sported for a couple days was proof of that.



Their hot and cold, back and forth was one big aspect of the story, but there were more conflicts and subplots involved. Teresa's still recovering from an injury that put her dance career on hold, then getting into the groove of the college life. Also, her roommate and her boyfriend's unhealthy relationship she has to worry about. And Jase dealing with his past mistakes, his secret, and Jack.



Jase...there were plenty times where I mentally sucker punched the guy. He has that affect on characters as well as the readers. But then there were times where I just wanted to hug all his pieces back together. Poor Jase. I mean, I love him to the moon and back, but I just couldn't help but tell him to let Tess love him already. For the longest time, he didn't listen to me. You can imagine how frustrating that is for readers. Every time they seem to get their footing in the right direction, Jase takes 5 steps sideways. He does and says things that broke me a little, but Tess is a strong one and she sees through his deflection and defense mechanisms, because she believes that whatever he's struggling with, he can overcome it. They can overcome it together. Once Jase laid everything out to air out, Tess accepted all of him just as Jase has already accepted all of her from the very beginning. They've all been through a lot together ever since Jase and Cam became friends. It was nice to see their bond stay strong all this time.



Jase and Tess are wicked hot and freaking adorable together, even when they get on each others last nerves. They know how to heat things up. Intimate scenes where they didn't have to kiss or touch, and encounters where they did. Rolling in the hay (pun intended)? That roadhead scene...WHOA. And after the love confession slip? They know how to get each other like no other.



I was elated that Cam and Avery made a few cameos in here (however only a few scenes), they both were very much involved in their lives and helped the two see some sense.



J. Lynn touched on serious subject matter of domestic abuse and it's unfortunate that people have to go through that. I've seen people close to me in that situation, but being inside Tess's mind lets the readers in on a bit of insight of what it's like from a victims perspective.



The ending was beautiful. I teared up a little, it was so cute and promising. I'm wishing for a follow up novella for them (and for Cam and Avery too), but it's not needed for a HEA is guaranteed. Jack is just the cutest. Be With Me was everything I could have hoped for and more. It was worth the wait.