Fighting for Love - L.P. Dover
I've only read one of L. P. Dover's books from the Second Chances series, and that was Meant For Me, and I was hooked to her writing ever since. So, of course I jumped at the chance to read Fighting For Love. It doesn't matter which order you read the series, though, because they are all stand alone's with their own characters and their own stories, so you won't miss a beat. We do, however, see a certain character from Meant For Me comes back with a vendetta. Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you, I'll let you figure out who. After all, the unknown and the unexpected is part of the fun.

We know the gist of their past through the blurb, so I'll skip that part. Because of Shelby walking out of Matt's heart and life years ago, their reunion is not pretty. And that is completely understandable. There were reasons, reasons she's kept hidden, that she believes Matt wouldn't understand and deal with that causes her to walk away from her only love. A secret that could possibly make or break a relationship.

I think it sucks that it is what kept them apart and wasting time for a whole decade. Like any person, Matt keeps his guard up. Around her, and around everyone. Even though it's tough, I just wished that Shelby trusted Matt enough to let him in on her secrets. I mean, aren't you supposed to not keep secrets from the one you love? And aren't they supposed to love you without conditions? I know that secret of hers is scary to let them be known to anyone, but how are you supposed to know if you don't trust them with everything if you don't give it a chance to lay it all out there? I guess I can't blame the girl too much, because if I were in her shoes, I'd walk out too. Especially if it'll save lives if not love.

Of course, there is also that pesky something or someone who stops at nothing to tear a couple apart. There are secrets, intrigue, lies, betrayal, questions looming over their heads and behind their backs. The past rears its ugly head and derails plans of winning them back. This will put their love to the ultimate test. You're left questioning if they can ever come out of this and if their love and withstand anything in their way. Second chances come with a price, and Shelby and Matt learns just how much it'll cost them. It's a long journey of trusting, forgiveness and communication to get their second chance at love and happiness with a promising future together.

What was refreshing is that it's the girl who was the one who walked out and the one to fight for another chance this time, and not the guy. There was plenty of twists and revelations that I did not see coming, and that made it a much more of an enticing and intriguing read. Shelby and Matt's love is honestly undeniable and very passionate. Together they are moving and intense because their love (and lust) runs deep even after all they've been through. And the sexual tension and sex itself is oh so hot and full of steam, and its presence will let it be known whether you're prepared for it or not.

L. P. does not disappoint and her writing does not waver in Fighting For Love. Other than the writing that drew me in, I'm also a sucker for fighting stories, in the ring and for a heart. The passion just flows, and the sparks fly off the wall -- whether they are necking on it or not. Wink, wink. They never stopped loving each other, and in the end it's clear that they really do fit together like no other. It just took some a lot of courage and fighting to get there.