Lick  - Kylie Scott
When I picked up this book it was around my 21st birthday (which I, too, spent in Vegas), seeing that Lick is about a girl who too was celebrating her 21st in the city of sin as well, I couldn't help but wanting to find out how our birthdays would go in comparison. So what perfect timing to read it. I am somewhat pleased to say that ours couldn't be any more different. I only say that because I enjoyed mine too much to change it. Ev's (MC) may have started disastrous for her in the beginning, but it didn't stay that way for long. It's what gave her the HEA she deserves.

Ev and David's marriage didn't start out so well. The book opened up with Ev waking up next to a stranger with a big rock on her ring finger, only to find out that said stranger turns out to be her new husband. That's not all. Her new husband is David, a member of a band called Stage Dive. Ev wants a divorce, David doesn't. But he decides to give her what she wants. Ev flies back home in Portland, only to be bombarded with paparazzi and mobs of fans. David flies her back to his place in Los Angeles to sign the divorce papers. Things go even further south upon arrival. David takes her to his home in Monterrey for privacy. It isn't until then that David makes a proposition. They'll spend time getting to know each other, and if they still want to get a divorce within a week, then they will proceed with the papers.

As more time they spend together, opening up to each other, rehash the night they met/got married, they start falling for each other. Or at least Ev does. David had already fallen for her since the night they got married. He just falls for her all over again. They share some kisses to see if any memory of their wedding night comes back to Ev. Some bits are successful, but soon they realize that they can create new memories together. I was bummed that not every detail of that night was accounted for, because from what David retold, it sounded more than just a fun and spontaneous rendezvous. From what David explained why they decided to marry on whim, Ev saw David for the human he really is and not for the band member that everyone else sees. That is what drew him to her. That, and her standing up for the waitress that his arrogant friends were bullying. While we don't get every detail of the night they met/wed, we get fragments of flashbacks and David recounting the events and words said. In the end, it's the new memories they create together as a married couple (in a coherent state) that counts.

I work at music festivals to know better than to get involved with musicians. One thing that makes my skin crawl is infidelity, which makes for great climactic drama for me. I didn't buy David's sorry excuse as to why he didn't put a stop to the kiss with Martha. David has serious trust issues (understandable considering the women he's had in his life) which comes with jealousy in tow, yet he doesn't do anything to stop that kiss. Of course it's going to seem as if he's not sure if he wants it or not. And since they were alone -- or so they thought -- it's no surprise that Ev reacted the way she did. Yes, he may not have kissed her back, but like I said two-three sentences ago. And why this kiss was such a big deal was not only the act itself (after their no cheating rule they made the night before), but because of whom it was with.

There's always a special place in people's heart for their first love, so seeing David and his first love in a lip-lock can put some damage to the heart. That's not even the worst of it. Once Ev caught them, David had the nerve to tell her that Ev means nothing to him and they are over if she leaves. The fact that he can just throw her away made it seem like his feelings for her weren't really as deep as he said they were. I felt for Ev, and applauded her for conjuring up the strength to walk away from that.

Since we didn't get David's POV, I questioned his feelings for Ev at first as much as she did. But looking back at the nice things David had done for and said to Ev, he truly does feel deeply for her. Selling the house in Monterrey, moving to Portland to be closer to Ev, waiting outside her work to walk her home, his need to protect her, and the way he looks at her, you can tell how important Ev is to him. David's declaration made me spit my drink too. It was so unexpected. He may have said some terrible things during an argument, but when you're seeing red, you will tend to say things just to hurt them whether there's some truth in them or not. It's one of life's grandest defense mechanism.

Despite their dispute on that fateful night that broke them up, I was looking forward to hearing the song David wrote about it. No room for much disappointment, because at least one song about Ev got to be heard.

I couldn't grasp the scene where David and Ev have angry makeup sex. Angry makeup sex can be hot when done right, but the way David handled her in that situation just didn't sit well with me.

They all have grown throughout the story. Mal toned down his asshattery-ness toward Ev. Jimmy cleaning up his act, drug-free in rehab. Martha owning up to talk and somewhat make peace with Ev. Ev going for what her heart desires. And David for stepping up as a gentleman and winning his woman back in drastic measure without a single complaint or thought of giving up. The bandmates, Ev's brother and roommates were all entertaining. Comic relief aside, they are really supportive and teach a thing or two about life and love.

I was hoping that Ev and her parents would reconcile their differences, but I am so proud that Ev stood up for herself when it came to her future, dreams, and her new husband. She can now live with her new husband in their new home, pursue her dreams, go to school, and live her happily ever after with David. And his band mates. One thing can be said though. It has been a wild ride for both Ev and David.