Lucky Number Four - Amanda Jason

Dora, short for Pandora, needs to get away from her sex-crazed newlywed best friends and get a place of her own. Maybe then she can get some sleep. An opportunity presents itself when she comes across an ad in a grocery store. Little did she know that after making a phone call to see this place, that life would throw multiple surprises her way in just a few short months.


Dora is surprised to come to find out that the place she's looking to move into is a huge loft, affordable rent, and NOT owned by any women. Her jaw drops to the nice floors of the loft when she discovers it belongs to three very smoking hot male models. Knowing that you would be rooming with three models would make any average girl run for the hills, and that's what Dora does. Actually, some girls would probably jump at the chance at an opportunity like this, most likely in hopes of jumping into their beds. When three sexy models stalk you at school to tell you that they want you for their roommate and that they already moved her stuff in so she doesn't have a chance to say no. It may not be an ideal way to get a roommate, but moving your stuff and your best friends into their own place in the same building, how can you refuse? One of the models is a brooding Aussie, and another is a British babe, which makes them irresistible and ultimately unattainable. To her surprise, they all want her to be their lucky fourth roommate. But not in the way you might think. Not all want her in THAT way, but one does. But which one?


Upon first meeting one of the models, Drew, I already presumed him as the arrogant and incessantly flirty one. He has that vibe of having a trail of women in his repertoire, and a cocky personality with a smile to match. I didn't expect to like him, or find any redeeming qualities in him. As for the brooding Aussie, Liam, he's one of those silent types that I can relate to. He's not by any means shy, but there's reasons why he isn't as outspoken as Drew is. Liam is not at all boring or thinks too highly of himself; he's actually pretty grounded and down to earth. Colin, the third (and British) roomie -- I wish he was more involved, but what we get from him, it's easily noticeable that he is a well-rounded gentleman. Each of them delivers something new to the table, and it just made this an even more fun read.


Even with the busy schedule's the roomie's book, they all found plenty of time to spend with Dora. They all go out to eat, jog, and party together. There's two of the three that Dora has her eyes on, and one of them has theirs on hers. She's tied between one she knows might be good for her, and one who is totally bad for her. Drew is the ever so persistent one that tries to get her to turn her eyes to him. Spending an amount of time with Drew, Dora was bound to catch a serious case of the "Drew flu" and then some.


Dora's best friends gave my lungs a run for their money. Them alone, or with Dora, are hilarious. And I love Dora's dysfunctional family. Both her grandmother's going at it at Sunday dinners, mother hen trying to keep the peace, grandpa and dad... trying to figure out how to tolerate a house full of outspoken women -- it was hilarious. It's never a dull moment at the Phillips manor. Halloween, Christmas, Sunday dinners, New Years, and Valentine's Day all brings different events, different adventures for the bunch. All of which will bring different emotions to surface.


Readers gets a glimpse of short inner monologues from one of the boys. No mention of whom it belongs to, so it keeps you guessing which one it may be.


All caution gets thrown into the wind, urges and desires finally give, a week-long getaway with hot sex, overwhelming feelings get involved, and misunderstanding ensues that causes Dora to run for the hills with a hurt heart. Good things comes to an end, right Or do they? Months of separations doesn't do any good. When Dora and Drew agreed to talk after she walked away from him months ago at the photo shoot and that accident happened, I started thinking, "oh no, please don't pull a Molly McAdams on me here. Please!" I still haven't recovered from the accident/death from Taking Chances by Molly McAdams, and I didn't want the same thing to happen here. I probably wouldn't be able to stomach that. However, need not to worry because crisis averted.


The ending wrapped up a bit quickly. And there were some predictable points throughout the story. During Drew's recovery, his declaration of love and proposal all seemed to come all at once so suddenly. It took away from the sweet moment of what it could have been. Okay, so he's been out of it for a couple of weeks following his accident, but once he wakes, he's unrealistically coherent enough to say the "L" word and ask for her hand in marriage. Albeit, it didn't take away from his excitement for the baby. Reading about the excitement in his eyes when he learned the news, and tending to them produced "awe" moments. Dora did wonder what kind of dad Drew would be like; little did she know was that she would find out in a few short months. Another thing I had a pick with was all the cliches and constant butterflies that were tossed around. It may pose a problem to some readers, but seeing as this is a romantic comedy type of read, and for that I think the cliches could be excused. Of course, this wouldn't likely happen in real life, but what readers forget is that it is fiction and Jason meant to write it for fun and fantasy.


It isn't until the epilogue we know the true meaning behind the book title. What a bundle of joy this book was. Literally. So literal in fact, I spelled 'literally' as 'LITTERally' before I went back and fixed it. This was a really fun and hilarious read to feed our fantasies. And as much as I liked their story, I am crossing my fingers that the other roommates get their own companion novels. I want to know more about them.