All Broke Down - Cora Carmack

Rusk University is where it's at, and Cora Carmack is totally responsible. Not that we're complaining. Pretty much everyone that has read this and had the chance to meet Silas ended up with the Silas virus. There are a few reasons why.


So Dylan Brenner and Silas Moore are polar opposites: Dylan is a good girl who is deeply compassionate and will fight for what's good of nature and the people; while Silas is a football player who flirts with a pretty face and gets into trouble almost everywhere he goes -- yet they both end up in the same jail, of all places...which is where they first meet. It's definitely not where you expect to find a Brenner at. This encounter was rather entertaining, and it gets interesting in . It involves Silas after a bar fight, and Dylan and her environmental-friendly companion/friend Matt conversations (silent and aloud), Silas flirting, Dylan's snarkiness and a surprising decision to get them all out.


With Silas's future in football on the line due to his behavior, he needs some taming. And who is perfect for the role other than Dylan? Let me tell you, no one. I think this is where they compliment each other. They ground each other as well as keep each other on their toes. It does not come with out effort and difficulty, but they eventually get the hang of it. I enjoyed their banter, steamy times and their growth of friendship that turned into something more. Especially when they opened up to each other in a way they haven't before. You know what they say about opposites: they attract. And boy do they heat up the place. In the bathroom, on the kitchen island, you name it. There are quite a few things in their life they have to deal with and it was a journey to see how they dealt with it all.


The secondary characters were great assets in this book. Dylan's friend Matt knows how to have fun in any situation. And Nell, Dylan's roomie, and their dynamic with each other and Matt. And then the guys on Silas's team. Mateo Torres... He is quite the character. I'm so glad his book is next. I'd definitely like to know more about him, and see how he grows up. And Stella, one of the few girls that's tight with the group. I was afraid that I wouldn't like her at first, being a certain someone's old hookup, but she's really awesome. And unfortunately, something bad may or may not have happened to her near the end of the book at a party, and I can only hope that it's not as bad as it seemed. Whatever the case, I can't wait for Stella to tell her story, and I'm glad that she gets to share it with Ryan. Yes, we've all been shipping them even though it wasn't in Cora Carmack's plans in the beginning.