The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) - Kristen Callihan

I've heard a great deal of a hype for The Hook Up, and I finally got to get to it. There was a whole lot of circulation going on surrounding one Drew Baylor, football star, total hunk, ladies man. That might turn a lot of us off as much as it turns on the groupies, but there's this side to him that Anna really brings out in him. That side was fun, especially when it's directed at Anna in class. The playful banter and debating Anna's points just to get her to talk to him was highly entertaining.


It all started with their encounters in class that spiraled into a hookup. Anna is not looking for a relationship, especially not with the likes of Drew Baylor, so they make an agreement of hooking up. Those two together... phew! Someone get this reader a fan or something! Definitely scorching up the walls with their chemistry and sexy times. Then Drew realizes that he wants more than just a hookup with Anna.


Shit hit the fan. Pardon my French, but holy WTF, Drew! Something causes Drew and Anna get into this heated argument (to put it lightly) that brought a really hideous side of Drew. The things he said (yelled) to Anna was completely out of line, and half of that shit would so not fly with me. I remember reading that part while shopping with my family and I was brimming with steam coming out of my ears, I was so ready to scream and throw my kindle at something. I probably growled at someone. I know I walked into a mannequin and told it to "watch it." Yeah, it just really turned me off and pissed me the fuck off. Knocked a few notches off of Drew for me. It was just outrageous. But luckily Drew realized what he did and apologized in several different ways. In that, is where a lot of growth between them both together and individually really blossomed.


Gray Grayson... (yes, you read that right) is Drew's best bud and teammate. What I liked about him was that he seems to have a good head on his shoulders who looks out for the people he cares about, and that he calls Drew out on his BS. He's the kind of friend that Drew, or anyone, needs in their life. He was great, and I am so excited to see how things go between him and the owner of the pink Fiat he's borrowing, in the companion book The Friend Zone!