Need Me - Tessa Bailey

The follow-up companion to Chase Me, book 1 in the Broke and Beautiful series follows Lucas's buddy Ben who is a professor at a college. While Tessa Bailey's men are usually such alpha hunks to die for pieced with humor that will laugh in an unlady-like fashion. Or if you're a dude, you'd still laugh the way you always do, but you'd still laugh at some parts. She is seriously that funny! Although the humor in Need Me didn't measure up to the humor in Chase Me, I still enjoyed nonetheless.


Oh, Ben. This guy surprised me in a few ways. Not all good, and not all bad. I'm so used to Tessa's alpha men, that it surprised me when the times Ben blushed on several occasions. Yes, blushed! It was actually adorable. With that type of side to him, comes his struggle to stay professional at all times in every aspect, that makes him make bad decisions a lot. Poor, poor, Ben. I really felt for the guy a few times. I didn't expect this from one of Tessa Bailey's harem. Ben being the professor, and Honey turning out as one of his students, he really does try to stay as professional as possible. Because student/teacher relationships are forbidden, even in college. There's just too much at stake to risk it, but boy do they ever take a dive in places they shouldn't be going. This brings the question what is more important. To pick dating Honey and risk losing his job and her place in the school? Or transfer his job to the other school that offered him a position? He won't get to see Honey during work/school time, but they are free to open date each other. Honey's parents worked their asses off to get her to that school, so it would be such a waste to throw it all away because of their relationship. And this is where they came to a crossroads. Some adulting takes place considering what to do when it comes to priorities and following your heart. Decisions, risks, consequences, opportunities should not be taken lightly. It's a good thing that they have good people by their side to help them see sense.


Side note: Ben makes tweed look hot! Never thought that adjective would be used when it comes to that thing. After reading Need Me, you'll probably not be able to look at tweed the same way again.


Holy classroom scene! Hooking up in classroom may be a no-no from some, while it's a turn on for others, and with how it went down between them in this scene, it was definitely a turn on. And with your hot as hell professor? Even better. No seriously, it was hot hot hot! This is where we see a completely new side of Ben. Okay, we've seen this side whenever they get it on or whenever he's in the same proximity as Honey. He knew what he wanted, what Honey needed and he freaking delivered. It was rather tasteful. As was them on the field that Honey built back home.


After much groveling and letting each other in, I'm glad that things eventually worked out for them.