Torrent - Gemma James

When I read the book description, the storyline of a girl who got a man sent to prison for something he didn't do, and years later he's out and it's time for her to return a favor. In my head, Imagined that under the dangers of messing with a man like that and him exacting some kind of payment or another, this could turn out to be erotic between them. Even though things did get a little sexy and whole lot dirty, this book just did not live up to what I expected...for a few reasons.


For one, yes, Rafe did take Alex to an island and held her captive there. There's another book I read that followed the same thing, so I also built up my imagination with that too. Bad idea. Because that's where the similarities end. As where the island in said book I mentioned was a beautiful island and the heroine got to traverse on it (thought not at first because escape attempts), in Torrent, Rafe held Alex captive in the basement, chained in a cage. That was super unsexy because she was mistreated in there. Although I understand that she wouldn't get pampered there after what she's done to him, doesn't mean I like how she was treated there. The sexy time parts are when she's let out for good behavior and they get it on in Rafe's bed upstairs. And around the house, as long as she doesn't try anything to his dislike. Because it's back to the cage for her. As long as she was supervised, she could check out and lounge around the house. Those times she was out of that cage was the good parts of this book.


That's the biggest issue I had with this book. But there was another, not as big, but still turned me off. It was near the end when scuffles happened that caused Rafe to wake up with no recollection of what happened the past 8 years. Upon waking up, he doesn't remember being in jail or how he got on the island and what he did there. He also started thinking of some chick he hooked up with before being sent to jail 8 years ago and how it made him hard, and wanted to find her to fuck her again. I don't know why, that just turned me off. For that, I'm not itching to read the next installments in this series.


Torrent wasn't at all a badly written book, it's actually good, but the reason for the low rating is completely biased. So, don't turn away this gritty book because it may be just what you're looking for--It just didn't work out that well for me.