In The Dark (The Rules Book 2) - Monica Murphy

Title: In the Dark

Series: The Rules #2

Author: Monica Murphy

Publication Date: August 25, 2015

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance


Stuck spending the summer with his screwed up family, Gabriel Walker is bored out of his mind and looking for an adventure. And he seems to find it with the hot girl who lives next door. The attraction between them is instant. Electric. Soon they’re spending every stolen minute together. Talk about the perfect summer fling…

Lucy isn’t what she seems. She doesn’t live next door—she’s the girl who’s been hired to house sit for the summer while the family goes on a worldwide vacation. If Gabe wants to believe she’s a spoiled rich girl looking for some fun, she can go along with that. After the summer, she’ll never see him again.

They don’t count on running into each other at college. Now Lucy must keep up the pretense of being a rich girl—and it’s exhausting. She knows she’s falling in love with Gabe and she’s scared he feels the same. Will he still care about her when he discovers the truth?





Sorry Shep, but Gabe is my favorite (so far). I was drawn to him more. Where Shep had that snarky in-your-face intensity, Gabe has more of a easy-going quiet intensity. Somehow it's more disconcerting because that means he's paying attention and could possibly into your soul. Secrets included. With Shep in Fair Game, it was a game of cat and mouse. In the Dark, Gabe may be a little cocky but he's got a soft and, when it comes to Lucy, shy side. At least that's how it was at first when Gabe first saw Lucy and got the nerve to talk to her. But once he knew that he got her, his modest and slightly cocky side comes out to play. At least it's not an asshole type of cocky, it's more like what Gabe calls "overly confident". No probablem with that, it's kind of fun. It's what helps his drive to the things he wants and believe in himself, feel good about himself, helps him see the good and potential in people.


In the Dark lives up to it's title. Lucy but what he doesn't know is that Lucy is actually just house-sitting, not in any way a family of the owner of the house. Lucy keeps Gabe in the dark on that secret, because at first it was easy to lie about that. It only gets harder the closer they get. Lucy could've told Gabe the truth once they've started getting close, but by then it's too late and she's deep into that lie to take it back. Plus, it could hurt any chance she has with him. But lying only makes it worse. You can guess where this goes. if only you were honest at the start. What feels like fun and games in the beginning might evolve later on. Lucy soon learns that in some cases, honesty really is the best policy. Especially if you want to build a strong foundation for your relationships.


I love Lucy. She's got that Latina flare and headstrong mentality that gives her backbone and her sassy attitude. For someone who's so strong, I just wished that she didn't have to feel like she had to hide who she really is and what she's really doing at that house. I know it's not easy, but you'd think that she wouldn't give a damn what any rich kid would think of her and her mother. So, kids, moral of the story is, don't lie or hide yourself just to land a guy. Be yourself and be proud with how strong you were to make it this far in life and don't care what other people think, if the guy doesn't like who you are and where you came from, he's not worth it.


I'm excited to get to know more about Tristan in the next book.



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