JAX: A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance - Vivian Lux

Title: Jax

Author: Vivian Lux

Publication Date: November 23, 2015

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance


He's JAX.

He's a rockstar. He's a screw-up. He broke my heart.

He's my new stepbrother.

Jaxson Blue is rock royalty: the son of one of the biggest names on the planet. He was my first...everything.

Then he broke my heart in the most public way possible.

I never want to think about Jax again.

Too bad his music seems to follow me wherever I go.

Now my hard-living roadie of a father is marrying Jax's rock star mother and the four of us have to co-exist in the same house for two weeks. Jax is still the same sexy, arrogant jerk I fell in love with, and I'm too weak to resist him for long.

So I make a deal with myself.

It's only until the wedding.

It's only a fling.

It doesn't mean anything.

I'm not doing anything wrong...right?

NOTE: All characters in this standalone novel are over the age of 18 and are not blood-related.




 When Vivian first approached me with Jax last week back when it was called Cocky, learning that it has a forbidden romance trope AND a rock star trope, I was so in. What a heady and delightful combo, right?


Jax and Lily had formed a friendship while their parents were going out for about ten years, before spending one passionate night together that tore them apart for a year, before their parents dropped the bomb of finally tying the knot. I think that's what I loved most -- a friendship going on before feelings developed and before their parents finally decided to get married. Being the son of a legendary rock star for a mom, and being a daughter of a long-time roadie, they both know what it's like being on the road and the ups and downs, the benefits and ugly side of the industry. While being on the road, they've made some life-long friendships along the way and have become some sort of uncles to them, ultimately becoming family. Having this family unit is so vital and such a joy to read about. They give some damn sage advice all the while shooting the shit with each other, all in good fun. 


Another thing I loved was that both Jax and Lily both worked hard to build their lives, they didn't get to where they are by going the easy route from parental connections. Yes, Jax is the son of a music icon and he could've easily gotten a record deal through mom, but he didn't. He wrote his own songs, formed his own band, recorded an EP and all that jazz in order for him to score a label. And Lily, while she strayed from music, she put herself through school to get her degree, and worked to support herself in a tiny apartment. There's nothing more admirable than those who work for their dream and future.


I wouldn't necessarily say they grew up together per se, they didn't grow up in the same house, but they have spent quite some time around each other when their parents were dating on and off for ten years. That's enough time to get to know each other and learn what makes them tick. This is where the original title Cocky fits for Jax. His big personality and ego got to his head(s) often that he's become cocky through adolescence and into adulthood. I think that's Jax's flaw for me. A lot of the time throughout the book, his actions were a bit immature for a man his age. He's too old to be throwing hissy fits, even if he is a rock star. And the way he treated Lily the day after she gave it up to him that fateful night, lets just say that I was glad she left his ass in the dust and got the hell away from him. Take care of yourself and forget those fuckboys, we don't need 'em, girl. Suffice to say Jax finally owns up and gets his shit together to continue working his way up the charts and get his girl.



**I received an early copy in exchange for an honest review, however it does not influence my review, nor was I monetarily compensated**